This is from a main view, quickclient has MDI-interface, so you can keep favourite folders open all the time and do i.e. linking with drag&drop.
Please note, this screenshot does not include icons for object types and formats! (As all good ones are protected by copyright). See technical details how to add icons to your installation.

Both folder browser, and search results window have “info panel”, this can show lot of information, like locations:

You can also perform link / unlink operations with right mouse click via contextmenu..

Here is permissions view, basic permission editing is included.

Versions view.

Renditions view..

There is also DQL-window with basic syntax-coloring and possibility to perform operations on r_object_ids in the result list.

DQL window also has completion and documentation view. Documentation is in simple XML and can be easily edited. Note that I do not distribute ready xml files as they would include copyrighted documentation.

API window has helpers too….